I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.

― Socrates

In today’s context of fast-changing requirements of the industry, the term ‘career relevance’ has become more contextual over career prospects or career opportunities. The end result of any professional course is no more just the probability of getting a job but the quality of the job or the job role and most importantly the durability of the skill set in the market.  Therefore choosing an institute and getting selected in desired colleges are becoming critical. Students need to upskill themselves according to the need of the industry by choosing the institute which will train them.

Webinar series is an initiative taken for students who are serious about their careers. This platform will allow students to interact with people from corporate, academia, media & entertainment, etc. on relevant and useful topics which may help them to rightly choose their career.

Online session by Dr Mahua Datta on DS
GD PI session by Sandeep Bhogal
Webinar on DS by BIBS TECHNO

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Webinar SB PI
10 things for Business School curriculum AB & AC

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