Like MBA, Engineering has been one of the most high-sought-after career avenues in India. However, a higher number of applicants mean an already saturated job market. Often the students are not well-informed about all the career paths in engineering and make decisions that hamper their career. Esteem Infocon prevents you from committing such mistakes by assisting you in exploring career options under engineering such as:

Chemical Engineering

It involves the application of chemical and biological analysis of various scientific processes to commercial benefits.

Marine Engineering

This stream specializes in designing, installing, inspecting and maintaining of equipment of ships and other marine machinery.

Electronics and communication engineering

Engineers working in this field specialize in designing electronic devices, such as microprocessors and integrated circuits.

Civil engineering

Civil engineers apply their skills in the construction and up keeping of infrastructures dedicated to public purposes, such as constructing and inspecting bridges, roads, dams and energy systems.

Mechanical Engineering

While it is a broad subsection under engineering, its main objective is to construct and analyze power-generating mechanical systems, like air-conditioning equipment, turbines and escalators

We guide you developing the required skill set for your chosen stream and finally assisting in the application.

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