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There are more than twenty five thousand universities across the globe. Apart from this there are thousands of courses with tons of opportunities. Choosing right course along with right university is very difficult and has a good possibility of wrong selection. The decision of choosing a university plays a supreme role for a student to build his or her career.Thus the choice however will be one of the most important decisions that a student will ever make in his or her life and our team ensures that the selection is wise and critical. We have a team of experts who have a vast knowledge about the universities, their infrastructure, faculty and other vital information. With a thorough review on the student’s profile our squad guides the student to select his or her course as well as the university in different parts of the world.

Also the application process to the abroad universities has a number of steps. With an in depth knowledge in the application process of admission our experts maximizes the chances of getting admission in the institution of student’s choice.

After the selection of the university and the course there is a lot more to go towards admission.

We follow a systematic step by step process to ensure the admission. The step includes:

  • Profiling- This includes the selection of the university and the course.
  • Test Preparation- Different countries have different standardized tests. Our counselor will help to book the particular test for the student based on his or her profiling and will guide them for the test.

> Document Editing- Admission in universities requires a lot of documents. Mention can be made with:

·      Transcripts

·      Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

·      Statement of Purpose (SOP)

·      Resume

·      Application Forms

·      Financial Documents

·      Financial Aid Applications

Our team helps the students to prepare the above mentioned documents.

>  Application Review and Submission- This is the most critical part of the process and students must ensure the wholein each steps. Our career counselors support and guide every student to their fullest in the whole process.

Interview Preparation- Our counselors are aware of the type of questions different universities ask prospective students at the interviews. They provide comprehensive and rigorous interview training to the students with university specific questions.

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